Help! I Think I Have Carpal Tunnel!

This image is from Wikipedia

This image is from Wikipedia

My first official post is going to be about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because it seems as if everyone I know suffers from it, and it’s only going to become more common and most likely strike at youn

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?   Everyone I know suffers from it. Now that everyone is on a computer, most likely it will strike at younger ages.

Why do we get Carpal Tunnel?   For most people it involves repetitive hand motion that comes with your job or hobbies, such as typing, painting, surgery, cutting hair, etc.  Over time, all the repetition can cause inflammation.  When the muscles get annoyed they can compress this carpal tunnel which in turn aggravates the median nerve, as well as several tendons that go through that small space that is known as the carpal tunnel.  So, you might experience numbness in your fingers (except your pinky…that’s controlled by a different nerve.)   You can even experience numbness at your elbow.

I even have had it before.   All my hobbies involve my hands.  I write daily, either at a computer or in one of my many journals.  Even the hobbies that I don’t have yet, but want to have involve the hand.  And now I work as a massage therapist.  My whole life revolves around repetitive hand motions.  After my first few weeks as a massage therapy student, I started to experience symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I wondered if I could have a real career in massage if I went home every day feeling like I wanted to cut off my hands.

This is when I found a self care video by another massage therapist, and these stretches (along with massage) saved my wrist from certain doom.  As always, if the discomfort and numbness continues despite doing all these stretches several times a day for many days in a row, you will need to go get yourself checked out by a medical doctor.

Are you wondering if I still experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome anymore? Nope.  And the video below is what helped!  Skip to 1:30 on his video to go directly to the stretches.  There is one other stretch I do, that is not on his video.  I can teach you at your next appointment.

The video is produced by Ian Harvey.   You can find his self care videos on his You Tube Channel.  Ian Harvey, Body Mind Conspiracy

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