3 Ways Being a Starfleet Commander Can Cause Work Injury


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We all like to think being a commander at Starfleet is a glamorous job.  There’s travel, meeting new life forms, commanding people, and setting phasers to stun.  In all reality, your day as a Starfleet Commander would be spent doing the following:  sitting while telling people what to do, sitting while reading and writing reports, and sitting while checking emails. That’s a lot of sitting!

Does this sound familiar?  No matter if you are a police officer, a graphic designer, or a computer technician, you sit down a lot.  As a result three types of injuries can occur:

1. Shoulder and neck pain 
This is due to being hunched over a computer for hours on end without proper stretching or getting up and moving.

2.  Hip pain
Your hips were made to keep you balanced, but if you sit too much, then the muscles in your hips aren’t used and become too tight.  In your 20s, this was just barely noticeable.  However, in your 40s it can be quite unbearable and can lead to range of motion problems that affect how you walk.   Studies have shown that poor hip mobility is one reason why elderly people fall.

3.  Lower back pain 
Additionally, sitting down hunched over a desk all day can make your abs weak and might even lead to hyperlordosis, or swayback.

Humans weren’t meant to sit down all day, and if your job requires it, please take the time to do some stretching and MOVE during the day.   For some stretches to help those who sit too much, check out this blog I found recently: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/08/05/undo-the-damage-of-sitting/    The pictures of the stretches are really well done.

Massage can help with all of this too.  However, it’s not cost effective to get massages every day as nice as it would be.    So,  between your regular massage appointments, keep moving and keep stretching!

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