3 Tips to Make Your Ninja Training Smoother

  • a Guest Blog written by Amanda Tompkins imgres-1


Training to be a ninja is hard work! However, taking steps to keep yourself healthy can help you to become a master before you know it – or at least help you keep up with basic training. The following tips will help you stay well and take care of your body while you aspire to the next level of your ninja training.

Get Enough Sleep

While you sleep, your body and brain cleanse themselves of toxins. When you workout, do parkour, and learn how to wield a katana, your muscle tissue is mildly damaged and torn. When you sleep, your body not only works to repair this damage, but builds up the muscle to prevent future damage. This is how you build muscle. When you get adequate rest, you wake up refreshed and ready to learn and perform so that your ninja training moves along quickly.

Eat to Fuel Your Body

Food that is high in calories and low in nutrition weighs your body down and prevents you from performing moves like a well-oiled machine. During your ninja training, you should be eating strategically. Fuel your body with just the right nutrients and make sure that you are eating at the right times so that your energy is high when you need it to be, but your stomach is not too full to do jump rolls and other moves. If you need advice, your sensei or a good nutritionist can steer you in the right direction.

Keep your Body in Line

Posture is very important to form and balance, which can mean the difference between an opponent taking you down and you taking an opponent down when actually faced with a challenge. You should be checking your posture at all times when not participating in training. If your posture is off or you feel uncomfortable in proper posture, it may mean that you have a misalignment. A chiropractor can help to bring your body back into alignment by performing an adjustment.

Maintaining alignment is also important when performing moves. When just beginning, it can be difficult to tell when your form is off while you are performing a move. Mirrors and a good teacher can help you to ascertain when you need to make a correction to your form. This can help you prevent injuries and perform the move in the most effective manner possible to achieve the goal of that move, whether it be take-down, evasion, or de-escalation.

Regular massage can also help you to get the most from your ninja training. You will fall asleep easier and your body systems will operate their best for healing and progression. Book your massage here and go right after your next training session.

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