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I wanted to take the opportunity of thanking everyone who has entrusted me with their wellness goals and including massage as a part of your plan.  

The Addition of Cupping Therapy 

This year I want to begin offering cupping in my massage therapy practice in Fort Worth. You may have seen evidence of Olympic athletes and their cupping sessions over the summer. So, what is cupping exactly when used as a part of massage? It’s an adaptation of Chinese medicine, and oftentimes acupuncturists will offer it. They will leave the cups on portions of your body for 5 minutes at a time. Some people really love how it feels. I’ve had cupping in this manner and I found it to be uncomfortable. However, when the cup is pulled up and is gently moved across the body it feels really awesome. It’s going to be another tool to help make a deep tissue massage more effective. I’ll update on my website, my booking page, as well as Facebook and Instagram as soon as that’s available.


I am also considering offering self massage/stretching classes. I’ll most likely do this at The Fairmount Community Library located in the Near South Side in Fort Worth. This would be $30/person per hour and not limited to clients. Bring your friends, loved ones, or co-workers along. This is something you’d probably want to wear comfortable workout clothing because we’ll be getting on the floor.

Another class I want to offer is about a 2 hour class meant for people to learn how to use basic massage techniques on a partner. And, this might be something where you’d be asked to bring a yoga mat and pillow because I’ll have you be on the floor for this as well. It’s not ideal, but I don’t know where else I can have multiple people on a massage table at the same time.

I’ll be announcing these classes via Facebook, my website and Instagram.


If you have an office or live around my office and would like to help me start a networking group, similar to BNI but without the high expense, please let me know. I just envision this as being a casual networking lunch experience where we’d all be expected to pay for our own lunch and get to network at the same time. This really gets me out of my comfort zone, which I need to do sometimes!

Workplace Wellness Events in Fort Worth

imgres-1If your office would like to hire a massage therapist for a few hours a month to give chair massage to the employees, keep me in mind. Or, if you’re a member of your school’s PTA and would like to offer this as part of Teacher Appreciation Week, my rates are reasonable.  I can even bring another therapist with me so your employees are not waiting too long for their 10 minutes of workday bliss. Massage is known to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, decrease anxiety and can help with repetitive strain injuries. For more information about the benefits of chair massage, click on this article found in Forbes. No matter how cool of a boss you are, chances are your employees are struggling with one or more of these things.

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