Text Neck is a Thing!

Text Neck is the repetitive motion of looking at one’s phone, tablet or other handheld device for a vast majority of the day.

Do you know who most likely would have suffered from Text Neck?  Captain Picard.  He


Common Practice of the Text Neck Sufferer

was always on some sort of handheld device it seemed!  You’d think for such an advanced time, OSHA would have had better training in place!

Physical therapy centers are filled with people who have chronic neck and shoulder pain. Even children!

I have clients who do the vast amount of their work from a smart phone, and my advice is to go ahead and look like a dork and hold that phone at eye level while reading and conducting your business tasks.  Or, better yet, get out of the habit altogether.  Go back to the dark ages of desktops.

So what do we do then if we’re suffering with it, and possibly are suffering from headaches from it as well?

  • Put your phone at eye level
  • Stretch (follow this link to my Facebook videos)
  • Massage

The above are all things I have done, in addition to purchasing this  contour neck pillow .

And, as long as I continue with stretching, monthly massage with my massage therapist, and use my cervical pillow my neck isn’t in pain anymore.  And that’s a relief because I will be more likely to be accepted to Starfleet!

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