How to Find the Perfect Massage Therapist

Has this happened to you before? You start off your quest for a massage therapist by asking a simple question in your local Facebook group – then you wind up more confused than ever because now you’ve got a list of 20 different names.  You just don’t even know where to start because they all have 5 star ratings. So you give up and try searching on Google, only it’s much of the same thing – a bunch of choices without enough information to know which one you should choose. You’re just not sure how to find the best massage therapist for YOU.  Have no fear, I’m going to give you the basics on picking out the perfect massage therapist.

They have an online presence.

Their website looks current and not like a template from the early days of America Online or MySpace.  They even have a fairly active social media presence.  It’s easy to reach them and they even have a way to book online.  No more playing phone or message tag!


They don’t have crazy eyes.  crazy-eyes-steve-i-dont-have-crazy-eyes

They look relatable and professional on their website.  You don’t get any sort of weird vibes, and they’ve explained their policies on the website. On that note, their location looks safe, inviting and in an area of town that you’d be comfortable walking around.


They are able to give the type of massage you need.

If you’ve been recovering from a rotator cuff injury, the right massage therapist can confidently explain the type of massage you need.  If you’re a cancer patient and have been prescribed a lymphatic massage, then you want someone with a particular type of skill set.  Are you 7 months pregnant?  Then you want a massage therapist who has training in prenatal massage.   And, if they feel they aren’t the massage therapist you need, they should be able to recommend a different therapist who might be a better fit.

So, if you’ve been looking for a massage in Fort Worth, and you have low back pain or noticed it’s getting more difficult to hoist yourself up into your SUV because of nagging hip pain, then I can definitely help you! If you have headaches and shoulder tension due to “Text Neck”, I’ve got a massage for you as well.  Additionally, if you are pregnant, you can feel relaxed and safe on my massage table, too.

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