New, Now, Next!

With all the advice out there on the internet, it’s difficult to know what will really help with your aches and pains and what’s just plain dangerous. Well, listen up – they say that “everything old becomes new again” for a reason – and that includes the practice of therapeutic massage.

The medical community is beginning to study massage in a more scientific manner. While it’s still seen as relaxing and even a luxury, it’s starting to be embraced once again as a viable medical practice in some cases. So, maybe the ancient Chinese knew what they were talking about!  

What’s New?

Some of the latest research has shown massage to be medically beneficial in many ways.  One study I’d like to share with you has to do with Multiple Sclerosis.  It’s shown that there were “significant benefits of regular massage over 6 weeks to reduce pain, fatigue and spasticity in patients with MS.”  That’s BIG NEWS! ( )

What’s Happening Now?

Did you know that I now offer cupping therapy?  I use it as a way to help manipulate muscles in a slightly different way. Instead of only using my palms or fists to push down on a group of muscles, the cups pull the tissue upwards.  I can leave the cups stationary, but often times I use one cup and glide it along a muscle. It’s difficult to explain how it feels, but it’s rather amazing. One client even told me later that he wished he could somehow bottle that sensation up and take it home with him!

What’s next?

During this coming year, I will be getting even more specialized training in cupping therapy so that I can better treat your ailments such as plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have any of these issues, cupping could be just the thing to help!

When you’ve made the decision to try something and see if it helps with your pain, there’s nothing worse than calling around Fort Worth and finding that everyone in your area is all booked up. Do you want to go ahead and purchase a wellness package and get massages pre-booked in the coming months so that your preferred time doesn’t get taken? You can do that right here:   Wellness Packages

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