The Emotions You Go Through When Hiring a Massage Therapist for the 1st Time

Everybody goes through a few common stages when they start thinking about booking their first massage appointment. From freaking out to blissfully relieved, it’s all totally normal, but without knowing what to expect, you might begin to wonder… Are you the only one feeling this way?

Relax – I’ve been a massage therapist here in Fort Worth for years, and I’ve distilled all these emotions into one simple sequence that we all go through.

What step are you in? Read on to find out.

First, you may be frustrated because you’re in pain!  

Maybe you’ve started having extreme tension headaches because of your neck and shoulder pain.  Maybe it hurts every time you hoist yourself into your SUV?  This has gone on for months and you can’t stand it anymore!

Second, you might feel excited because your friends have told you how great massage makes them feel.

Even some of your doctors have recommended massage because of your nagging muscle pain. You’ve Googled massage and you’ve read that massage is great for muscle strain. So, this is a great thing you’re considering it, right?

Then, you might start freaking out!

Hmmm… you had a chair massage that one time in the mall and that massage therapist dug her elbows into you, and you didn’t like it because it hurt. You have to get naked? Who is this person anyway? Does she have crazy eyes? (Proof I don’t have Crazy Eyes)

Next, you feel hopeful because you sent me a message and I sounded professional.

Phew! That’s better. I even called you and we talked about some of the freaky things, and I helped you felt at ease.  Plus, my photo on my website is normal, and no, I’m not someone with crazy eyes!


Nothing to fear here! 

Finally, you feel relieved because you’re appointment is over, and you feel awesome!

Your muscles feel relaxed, you can turn your head further than you could that morning.  And best of all, you’ve realized that massage isn’t so scary and it does help!

So, what are you feeling right now?  What step are you in the process of booking an appointment?  Are you somewhere between freaking out and feeling hopeful?  If so, shoot me an email and let’s find out if I have the massage that will help you live pain free.

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