5 Solutions to Help Deal with Chronic Pain

We all want to get up and get started with our day without wincing when we take that first step.  Yet, so many times we live with pain when we don’t have to.

As a massage therapist in Fort Worth, I work with people who tend to have common problems. Here are some easy solutions that can get you on your way to pain free (and they’re all relatively easy)!

Buy the correct shoes!

I learned this one the hard way. I’m on my feet all day, and I KNOW having the right shoes is important, but I had been living in Nikes that were actually too small for my feet. I had no idea but found out quickly on a 5 mile hike.  

Once I realized how harmful my shoes were, I went to Luke’s Locker and had the shoe pros assess my gait and determine what kind of shoes I should be wearing for the type of activity I do every day. Sure, they’re expensive! But not as expensive as bunion surgery.

Use your phone wisely!

We tend to always tilt our head down to look at our phones. This leads to tension headaches that half my clients seem to have. What’s the solution? Keep your phone at eye level when you’re reading information or read long content on your computer screen instead.


Stretch when you wake up, in the middle of the day, and again in the evening.  You may think to yourself, “I have no time for that mess!” Make time because physical therapy takes more time and costs more money! Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. It also helps keep us moving.

Get yourself a new office chair!

Like the new shoes, shop around for the right one. Try them out and see what is the best for you! Most likely, it’s not the $45 chair from the discount place. Do your friends like their office chairs? Go try them out and then order the one that works for you!  Make sure it adjusts and will last a long time.

Get regular massages!

Massage is no longer just a luxury. While true that even I will book a massage “just because it feels nice,” I also get regular massages to help make sure my muscles work properly.  Some of my clients start out with getting a massage every two weeks. Others come in once a month. These are the clients who see better results and can get up and go in the morning with no trouble.

These are easy solutions, right? If you’d like to set up regular massage or talk to me about my year long packages, fill out the form below and let’s find the right massage for you!


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