Do you Suffer from Vacation Envy?

Have you been scrolling your Facebook feed like a Green-Eyed-Monster?  Are you tired of endless posts of European vacations? Maybe your eyes ache from constantly rolling them at your pal’s zip lining videos from Costa Rica?

It’s true – you’re suffering from Vacation Envy, and I have a cure!

What is it about vacation photos that annoy you? Is it because they are kid-free adult vacays? Is it because your friends are getting time away from their hectic jobs?  There is a way to have some of that right here in Fort Worth…with a quiet, peaceful, relaxing massage.

With some notice, I can customize your massage to include scents and sounds from your ideal vacation spot.  You want ocean waves? I got them! Do you need hints of lavender or lemongrass? I got those too!  Maybe some warm towels and a soothing rose water face massage? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

I don’t just help sooth sore backs, I can help send you on your ideal 90 minute vacation from the chaos that is your life. Do you want to talk to me about booking a massage? Just send me a message below.

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