My Take on Essential Oils

Are you a fan of essential oils, or do you think they’re just new-age snake oil? Either way, you’ll want to read on…

Recently, I read a really interesting article from The Aroma Hut Institute.  It began with a little history of antibiotics and how they work.  It also talked about “Super Bugs” and how we’re living in an age of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Then it went on to discuss the emerging use of essential oils as antibiotics.  

The article states, “Most viruses, fungi, and bacteria cannot live in the presence of many essential oils, especially those high in terpenes, carvacrol, phenols and thymol.”  It also states that Tea Tree Oil, Oregano and eucalyptus have been known to treat Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).  Finally, the article gave some recipes for blends to make at home.  

Here’s the article if you want to check it out.

Essential Oils: The New Antibiotic

Now, I’m going to give you MY take on this article.  

As someone who is allergic to a few antibiotics, I’m hopeful that the research being done now will have some good news for patients who have infections resistant to antibiotics.  I use a few EOs myself for a few things. I’ve taken Thieves’ Oil throat lozenges and they seemed to work better than a regular store bought brand.  I’ve used Tea Tree Oil for various things.   

But you know, if I get strep throat, I’m still not going to down a bunch of Oregano oil because some internet search led me to an article written by a soccer mom in Iowa.  

Essential oils have many uses. They’re good for a lot of things. I still want some more scientific evidence by independent researchers.  

And, this is where the article fell short.  The sources the author used for the article were all essential oil journals.  There was nothing from a medical journal or even a peer reviewed science journal.  

I do believe that EOs can be used as medicine because thousands of years of Chinese and ayurvedic medicine can’t be completely wrong, right?  However, I also think we need more research when it comes to modern day Super Bugs.  And, this is why I don’t use a lot of EOs in my Fort Worth massage practice.  I don’t want to become resistant to those when antibiotics stop working!  

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