My Top Yoga Studio Picks

I’ve said it before, but yoga AND massage are terrific partners within a wellness plan. Here in Fort Worth, we’re lucky because we have so many great yoga studios.  Read on to find out my favorites!

Urban Yoga is located on 8th Ave and is an absolutely lovely studio with amazing teachers.  They have classes that range from gentle restorative flow to more challenging types.  They also teach meditation, nia, and barre. If you’re looking for prenatal yoga, I highly recommend taking a class by Julia Paur.  If you’re brand new to yoga and have no clue what it’s all about, then Lou Chapman’s Yoga for Anyone class might be the perfect class to get your zen going!

Yogali on East Lancaster has amazing Hatha courses taught by Ali, as well as drop in classes on Mondays. They also have gentle yoga on Saturdays.  If you’re looking for even more, they also offer private yoga instruction individualized to fit your needs.

Soul Sweat on Camp Bowie is where you want to go if you like hot yoga!  For the most part, hot yoga is a low impact cardiovascular workout. And, bonus! It’s just down the street from my office.  

Karmany Yoga is located on South Hulen and also has a wide variety of classes from Restorative to Power Flow.  What also makes Karmany a little different is that there aren’t lengthy memberships or advance sign-ups. You just show up, check in, and go grab a mat!

Now, for those of you who can’t find a yoga class at a time that’s convenient for you OR you want to do a relaxing flow during your wind down time before bed, then check out these to online options:

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube

Down Dog, a convenient app you can download on your handheld device!

Really, there is no excuse now for you because there’s yoga all over Fort Worth! Do you have a favorite yoga studio in Fort Worth? If so, let me know in the comments!

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