Massage is Like Gourmet Pizza

Did you know that massage is kind of like gourmet pizza?  Stay with me here and I’ll tell you why!

There are times when you might massage your shoulders with a tennis ball, and that’s an okay thing to do sometimes.  But, it’s kind of like nuking a Totino’s pizza.  It sort of hits the spot, but there’s a lot missing.  

Then, there are times when you might get your significant other to massage your sore traps.  It feels good, and it’s definitely better than a tennis ball, but it’s still like eating a Digiorno pan pizza.  

Finally, there are those times when nothing but the best ingredients will soothe your taste buds.  You want fresh basil and pesto. You want the fancy place with the organic cheese because it’s like pizza heaven!

And that’s what it’s like to find your perfect massage therapist. You want to get a massage by a pro who knows exactly how to relieve your neck pain. You want someone who can get you on the road to walking tall after a bout with low back pain that’s lingered too long.  A massage like this is always better than the well meaning massage from a layperson, and it’s way better than a tennis ball.  

My Fort Worth massage office is like that gourmet pizza place because I design a treatment plan just for YOU! Are you ready to get that gourmet massage that will help you recover from chronic pain?Look no further because that’s my specialty.  You can book online here: Book Here!

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