Looking for Fort Worth Massage? Geek Girl’s got the right massage for YOU

You know I’m a massage therapist in Fort Worth, and you’ve probably guessed that I give hour and 90 minute massages.  You know that I can give complete relaxation massages, and you know I can help take away your low back pain.  That’s my specialty after all!

But do you know that I also do a few other things?  

Here are three things I do to help you that go beyond regular massage.

Corporate Chair Massage

I give corporate chair massage around Tarrant County.  That’s right!  Businesses hire me to come give chair massages to their employees. I’ve been to all sorts of schools and offices around Fort Worth.  Chair massage is a way to let your employee take a 15 minute mental break that isn’t a crazy cat video.  It can also ease neck and shoulder pain. I get a hero’s welcome when I show up for these events because everyone loves a quick massage!

Prenatal Massage

Mamas-to-be, I can help you with prenatal massage.  Some therapists are nervous about massaging pregnant women – not me, though.  Prenatal massage can help ease back and hip pain, as well as reduce edema.  Plus, it just feels amazing to let someone take care of you for a while!

Cupping Massage

Do you remember those circle marks sported by Michael Phelps during the Olympics? That was caused by cupping and it’s a great way to help make a deeper tissue massage more effective.  While I can leave the cups static on your body, I can also use one and glide it along the muscle.  It’s hard to describe how that feels, but it’s out of this world!  


Do you know someone who needs prenatal or cupping massage in Fort Worth?  Are you friends with the HR or wellness rep at a company?  Share this post with them!

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