10 Ways to Help Low Back Pain in Between Massages

So, you helped a friend move a heavy couch over the weekend and hurt your back. OUCH! You already get regular massages, but your next appointment isn’t for three more weeks.  What are you supposed to do?  

Have no fear!  I’m going to give you ten things you can do at home to help ease your pain while you wait for your massage appointment.

Hamstring Stretches 


Did you know tight hamstrings put a strain on your back?  It’s always a good thing to keep your hamstrings loose if you’re prone to low back problems.


 Piriformis Stretches


A tight piriformis can lead to painful sciatic nerve problems.  This is a stretch you can do even while you’re working!


Spinal Twist Stretch

Watch My Spinal Twist Here  

This simple stretch can even be done in bed, and helps stretch that annoying piriformis.


Foam Roller

It’s time to get that foam roller out of the closet.  Roll out your hips, and your glutes.  You don’t have to go to town and make yourself cry when you do this.  You want to feel it, but it needs to be a pressure where you can still breath normally.


Get in a Hot Tub

Heat can help ease sore muscles.  


Restorative Yoga

Take this gentle class that’s perfect for keeping your low back tuned up.


Wear the Right Shoes

What do I mean by this?  This isn’t the time to wear high heels. Wear shoes that are comfortable with lower heels.  


Ice Therapy

Ice can help reduce inflammation.


Keep Moving

While you’re recovering from your injury, it’s important that you try to keep moving.  Keep walking around the house, go to work, and try to maintain your normal routine.


Exercise Your Core

A strong core helps minimize back injuries.


There ya go! These are ten easy things you can do while you’re waiting for your massage appointment with Geek Girl Massage Therapy.  Do you know someone who has low back pain? Share this post with them.  

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