Geek Girl’s Massage Manifesto

Some people think that every massage you get is the same.  They think that a deep tissue massage at a chain is the same deep tissue massage you get at my Fort Worth massage practice. That’s not the case though!

Sit back because I’m gonna tell you why the massage you get in my office is different than the one down the street or across town.


I believe that massage doesn’t have to hurt to work.  

In my office, I don’t use my elbows to squish all your trigger points because that hurts! My approach to massage is gentler.  While there still may be a few tender spots, the way I glide over your muscles help me achieve a 75% reduction of pain with 80% of my clients after the first massage.


I believe in carrying the best massage products.

The massage oils I use are 100% organic. This includes the CBD oil that I recently got from Mountain Pure CBD.  And the ointment I often use after cupping your back? Well, according to a client it’s magical.  I often say it was crafted by elves, but really it’s a special blend of organic oils, including some essential oils.


I believe that every client should leave my office completely relaxed.

This is true no matter what massage you request.  Did you only book a 45 minute Focus Massage because your shoulders were killing you?  Well, you’ll still get that drowsy massage high that makes you want to take a nap!


I believe that cupping massage can help your chronic pain.

I don’t charge extra for cupping.  Why is that? Cupping not only helps YOU as a client, but it helps me decrease the chance of my own repetitive stress injury.  When I ask clients to describe what they feel during their first cupping session, they pretty much say the same thing.  “It just feels cool…I can’t even describe how cool it is.”  And, you know what? I get it! I felt that way after my first cupping massage.  


I believe that everyone deserves a little spa in their massage.

While I’m not a spa, I include a few “spa-like” element because even the nerdiest geeks deserve to feel pampered, even if only for a small portion of a therapeutic massage.  This is why I heat up hot stones and use them on your back and shoulders as well as your feet.  It’s also why I use hot towels on your feet. It feels out of this world to the Star Wars obsessed police officer, the Potterhead copywriter, and to the Domestic Engineer who has two young boys at home all day.  
Thank you for reading my Massage Manifesto.  Do you know a desk jockey who suffers from neck and shoulder pain?  Maybe a new mom who is having low back pain?

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