These Massage Trends are OUT!

Some trends in massage therapy are here for the duration. Some things come and go. I’m going to let you know about some things in my practice that I’m letting go of as of NOW.  

Coconut Oil

People love, love, love coconut oil.  They love the smell, the fact that it’s natural, and contains Vitamin E.  And, in the past, I’d heat it up and use it when it’s requested. However, coconut oil can also damage my massage sheets when not treated immediately. And this is costly. So, I’m letting go of coconut oil.  I’ll still keep some salve with coconut oil for those who are allergic to jojoba, but I’ll no longer keep any in a bottle.  Sorry coconut – I love you, but you’re getting the boot in your current state.

30 Minute Massages

This isn’t on my list of services.  Yet, when current clients call and say, “Is there any way you can fit me in for just 30 minutes?” I’d look at my calendar and if I had time, I would.  No more!  Normally when this happens, the client is in some sort of muscle pain.  And, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but I know that 30 minutes isn’t long enough to address what is going on.  So, that’s right folks!  I’m happy to provide you with links to stretches and foam rolling techniques while you wait to book for an hour to 90 minutes so that you can truly get the relief you need.  

Face Massage Add-on

Currently, this add-on is just a face massage with rose oil.  This isn’t technically getting the boot, but instead it’s getting revamped!  

Cupping massage is a new trend, and it’s here to STAY!  So, I’m adding face cupping to this service in hopes so that it’s even more amazing. And BONUS – It’s really great for things like TMJ and even helps with sinus congestion.  

Do you want to book a massage in Fort Worth and include a Face Massage Add-on?  You can do that here:  



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