The Nerdiest Massage Office in Fort Worth

While I knew that I wanted to have my own massage business, I also struggled at first with who I was as a massage therapist. And, I knew I didn’t want to have a typical logo or a typical brand name.  My best friend kept saying, “You should just be Geek Girl Massage Therapy because that’s just who are in all other aspects of your life.”  And you know what I did? I ignored him for a while, but only for a while.

It didn’t take me long to realize his brilliance!  And, that logo everyone thinks is so rad? He designed it!

There is this preconception of what a massage room looks like.  They are all supposed to be understated with various shades of calming blues, browns, and greens.  A lot of pictures of lotus flowers and sayings about being zen.

And, what do I have? I chose a really bright green called Fresh Sprout.  Not sage, not avocado, not any sort of “cool your jets” green.  And the shade of green I chose apparently isn’t scientifically proven to induce anything. But that’s okay! With the lights on dim, no one is worried about the paint color I chose. They just want a massage!

Fort Worth Massage Therapy

Geeky Massage Room in Fort Worth

Massage room decor is probably not supposed to have Darth Vader figures, or any sort of Sith Lord, right?  After all, that represents anger and darkness.  But you know what? They can, and mine does!  I have all sorts of nerdy figures in my massage room because this is just who I am.  

Fort Worth Massage Therapist

The Force is Strong with this Massage Decor!

The fact that I was able to embrace who I am within my brand is the reason why I attract the types of clients I do. They are all some sort of nerd or geek and love that I am, too.  Finally, there is a massage office that isn’t “spa-like.” It’s a place where they can feel comfortable and at home. What other massage office in Fort Worth has Star Wars and Justice League sheets?

Fort Worth Massage Office

Some of the nerdiest massage sheets in Fort Worth!

There is also this preconceived notion that massage therapists have to wear scrubs to be taken seriously. That’s not true either.  I wear jeans and geeky shirts while I’m working. This doesn’t make me any less professional than my colleague down the hall who wears scrubs. It just makes me different, and it often helps put first-time massage clients at ease.

So, don’t judge a massage office by its decor. Some of the best massage therapists I know have some wild looking offices!

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