About Me

Muscle pain shouldn’t be your arch nemesis.

Whether your job is physically demanding, involves saving the world, or requires long hours in front of the computer, your body works hard for you. It’s not just a supporting role. It’s a main character in your story.

Even everyday heroes need to invest in self care. Maybe you can’t escape to Planet Tatooine for a drink at the Cantina, but you can escape pressure and pain with relaxing massage therapy.

Hi, I’m Beth Patton!

I was a primary school teacher for over 20 years… so I know a thing or two about pain.

Working with kids all day often felt like battling an army of Ewoks. My back, shoulders, and neck were constantly strained and crying out for help. I tried everything I could think of (stretches, muscle rub, heating pads…) but reaching out to schedule a massage appointment is what finally brought me lasting relief. I loved going to my massage therapist so much that I decided I wanted to become certified myself, and in 2015, I opened my own practice: Geek Girl Massage Therapy. Today I’m on a mission to help fellow nerds to live their lives with less physical pain and daily stress. But don’t worry - even if you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie, you’re totally welcome here

Massage Appointments for Every Body

Most people view massage as a one-time event, but it’s even more effective when used regularly. Coming in just once a month can help you improve your range of motion, manage localized pain, and reduce the amount of tension held in your body. You can schedule a one-time appointment or we can work together to create an ongoing pain relief plan based on your individual needs. I’m here for you. No matter what you choose, we’ll get you feeling limber and refreshed in no time!



I like to think of massage as ironing out your muscles. Massage doesn’t have to hurt to work.