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Combat Burnout with Massage!

What exactly is burnout?  Burnout isn’t just a fancy term tossed around on social media; it’s a legitimate state of physical and emotional exhaustion resulting from prolonged stress or overwork. Imagine your energy tank resembling a deflating balloon after a birthday party – that’s burnout for you. It’s the culmination of too much on your […]

Say Goodbye to Neck and Shoulder Pain: Unraveling the Mystery and Embracing Massage Magic!

Do you often find yourself with nagging neck and shoulder pain? Well, you’re not alone!  Unmasking the Culprit – Repetitive Stress Injuries  Ah, the marvels of the modern world! With our laptops, smartphones, and endless scrolling, we’ve inadvertently become masters of the repetitive stress game. These actions, though seemingly harmless, can cause our muscles and […]

Declutter your Self Care Regimen

I’ve talked a lot about how to clean up different aspects of your self-care routine, in the past. But this is going to be a little different. I’m going to tell you ONE thing to GET RID OF NOW! Or, if you’re thinking of adding this tool to your list of items, I’m going to beg […]

Declutter Your Mind

It’s a great time of year to have fun, enjoy life, drink cocktails. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of stress and overwhelm. There’s no worse feeling than waking up after the holidays feeling broke, empty, or overwhelmed with life. How can you defeat this sensation, move forward, and enjoy yourself? First, reflect on […]

Your Permission Slip

There is so much pressure to be on point ALL THE TIME!  And you know what? It’s exhausting.   In addition to work, I have to be Super Mom 24-7 and make every little thing fresh and organic, and I have to be an incredible volunteer at my kid’s school.  The list goes on and […]

How to Cool Your Jets and Stop Stressing Out About School Starting

It’s August and there are lots of changes going on in your house. You’re buying school supplies for your younger children. Perhaps you’re sending your oldest off to college. Or, maybe you’ve gone back to school and you’ll be the one starting classes in the coming weeks. If you’re like me, you’ve been running around […]

Do you Suffer from Vacation Envy?

Have you been scrolling your Facebook feed like a Green-Eyed-Monster?  Are you tired of endless posts of European vacations? Maybe your eyes ache from constantly rolling them at your pal’s zip lining videos from Costa Rica?   It’s true – you’re suffering from Vacation Envy, and I have a cure!   What is it about […]

The Quick Fix: Making Pregnancy a Tad Easier

Vacations, new wardrobes, long, luxurious spa days – It’s nice to have those big indulgences in your life.   But sometimes the little things make us just as happy – and getting great sleep while pregnant certainly counts!   While it might be nice to get a 60 minute massage every day while pregnant, it’s […]