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Common Anxieties Men Have Before Their First Massage Appointment

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Massage can be scary if you’ve never had a massage. This is true for anyone.  However, this post is for the guys and the fears they have that prevent them from booking an appointment with a massage therapist.  I want to put your fears to rest and answer a few questions.


I’m kinda hairy and look like a Wookiee.

That’s totally fine.  Don’t let that stop you from the benefits of massage therapy.  Trust me when I say that it doesn’t bother me.


I’m somewhat out of shape.

Don’t worry the least little bit. I’m not judging you when you’re on my table. I’m not looking at how blasted your quads are, or whether you’ve got a six-pack. I’m feeling for tightness and trying to smooth it out. All body shapes are welcome.


What if I get an erection?

I want to reassure my male clients that having erections during a therapeutic massage is possible, and it’s normal. It may happen.  It may not.  The parasympathetic nervous system might take over, which is a fancy way to say that it’s not something you’re consciously doing.


The truth is, therapeutic contact administered to any part of the body may cause a full or partial erection. A massage therapist knows this. We talk about it a lot in school. It’s something we just ignore. And honestly, I’m so focused on what I’m doing that I won’t even notice.   So, if it happens, you should ignore it too!

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