Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate Chair Massage – Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity

Corporate Chair Massage Fort WorthFor over 20 years, corporations have turned to corporate chair massage as a method to better the workplace. Employees that are happy tend to increase their productivity, which can lead to cost savings for the business.

At Geek Girl Massage Therapy, the comprehensive chair massage sessions are designed to relax the muscles to relieve spasms, relieve tension, eliminate waste from the muscles, and improve circulation. This is a very good solution to muscle tension and stress because the massage rubs away the fatigue and promotes relaxation. Furthermore, alertness is improved, anxiety levels are reduced, and motivation is increased.

Problems Solved By Corporate Chair Massage

If you are experiencing any of the following issues within the company, chair massage can help:

  • Stressed employees
  • Reduced employee morale
  • High turnover
  • Increased health care costs
  • High workers’ comp costs
  • Reduced productivity

This isn’t a comprehensive list. However, this gives you a good idea of what this service can do for your company.

What to Expect

You and your employees will use adjustable massage chairs that are comfortable because they fit any body type. There is no need to undress, as this type of massage can be performed through the clothes. All you have to do is make an appointment and let Geek Girl Massage Therapy know where to be. You’ll be amazed at the onsite morale boosting and stress relief powers of this service so your employees can regain focus.

Contact An Experienced Fort Worth Chair Massage Therapist

If you are ready to change things up in your business, Geek Girl Massage Therapy is here to help. You can schedule one session to see if corporate chair massage is right for you. However, you also have the ability to book sessions on a schedule so that chair massage becomes a a part of your company’s morale-boosting routine. To learn more about how Geek Girl Massage Therapy can help you, call 817-382-1289. You can also BOOK NOW online.