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Deep Tissue Massage Doesn’t Have to Hurt

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One of the reasons why I don’t dig my elbows into a client’s backside during massage is because I despise it when it’s done to me. Yet, in the past, I never said anything to the massage therapists who did make that part of their practice.


And guess what? That’s happened to me several times this past year.


I understand those two therapists were trying to help and to “fix” me. However, it hurt so bad that every muscle in my body tensed up, and that defeats the whole point of massage.


When you push the body too far, it pushes back. If you’re coming to me for sciatic pain relief and I compress the muscles so hard that you tense up your entire gluteal region, then it’s making the compression of the sciatic nerve even worse.


Some therapists might tell you to “breathe through the pain.”  I think there’s a better way. I much prefer a massage therapist who can help relieve my different muscle maladies in a more gentle fashion. With some sensitivity and plenty of patience, the body can change on its own terms, without being forced.

If you’d like to try a deep tissue massage that works without making you sore the next day, give me a call! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I hope to see you soon!

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