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How to Bring Self Care to Work

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A friend once quipped that she was glad the term self-care was trending because it allowed her to be selfish a few times a week. I don’t view it as being selfish though. Is it really selfish to spend 30 minutes a day reading a book? Nope!  

However, it’s tricky bringing elements of self-care into the workplace because you don’t want to seem like a slacker to your boss! And if I’m your boss, I’m not going to buy your recent purchase on Amazon as self care.  Even if you ARE buying a new foam roller.

So, how do you bring some self care to work with you?  Read on because I’m going to tell you!

Take a Lunch Break

I’m not talking about a 10 minute working lunch at your desk while you down your left-over spaghetti from two nights ago. If your boss gives you an hour lunch, then take that hour!  Grab your lunch, get a work mate and go outside. Talk about your lives, and not that spreadsheet you’re finishing up for your deadline. Would you rather eat a sandwich and read a book?  Then, do it!


Take a Walk  

About to have a sugar crash because it’s 10:30 and your coffee is wearing off? Then it’s time for a mental break. Put a 10-minute pause on things and take some laps in the hallway.  Get your blood flowing. Are there stairs in your office? Walk up a few flights and stretch your legs.  There’s a reason why teachers love recess so much. It’s because the kids come back more focused and ready to work. Adults need small breaks during the day as well.


Desk Yoga

I have talked about this before, but this is something you can do even if you can’t get up from the desk yet. Help combat muscle fatigue by doing neck, shoulder and wrist stretches while you’re about to switch gears and move on to your next task.


Create a Healthy Workspace

Keep your desk clutter free. If your office mates are cool with it then get a small diffuser and inhale some uplifting essential oil blends. Those things can help you stay focused because you’re not worrying about the stench coming from the workroom down the hall.  


Create Short Lists of Top Priorities

When I was teaching, I had lists that were pages long. No wonder I felt that I accomplished anything. My brain was overwhelmed! I was going about it the wrong way!  Instead of a list of 50 items, I should have kept it to 2 or 3 really important things. And, instead of feeling like a lazy loser at the end of the day, I would have felt like I was on top of things.  Take a lesson from my former self! You’ll be happier and more productive by keeping your lists shorter.  

Here’s hoping that your work weeks will feel less cluttered and that you’re able to bring in some healthy habits to work in 2018!


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