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How Massage Therapy Helps Headaches

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It’s True: massage therapy helps headaches. However, there are two types of headaches that are frequently relieved with massage therapy.

They are tension headaches and vascular headaches. These are very common and can cause issues like sensitivity to light and nausea.

Daily life can be seriously impacted when the headaches happen frequently or for long periods of time.

Massage is a natural alternative that helps relieve headaches while avoiding the side effects that occur with medications.

However, massage therapy can also complement medications for optimal relief.

Using Massage Therapy to Relieve Tension Headaches

Another name for muscle tension headaches is “muscle contraction headaches” because the tightening muscles of the neck and head are the causes of the pain.

The pain is dull and constant and can involve both sides of the head. These headaches gradually build and can last for hours to days. These headaches can feel like a vice-grip on the temples and around the forehead or the base of the skull.

There are massage therapy techniques that focus on the tightened muscles so they are loosened. When these muscles are loosened, the headache is relieved.

Using Massage Therapy to Relieve Vascular Headaches

Vascular headaches are the pounding and throbbing headaches that we experience now and then. They’re the result of the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain and muscles swelling and constricting. Physical activity can make the pain worse and usually lasts between 4 and 72 hours.

Someone with a vascular headache might have vision issues, nausea, or sensitivity to light. Cluster headaches are a type of vascular headache because it’s the result of high blood pressure.

Just like with massage for tension headaches, it’s about loosening the muscles to relieve pressure on the nerves and blood vessels. Blood circulation improves, which means oxygen-rich blood is going where it is supposed to.

Massage also relieves stress and anxiety that causes headaches.

Don’t Suffer Longer Than You Have To

Because massage is an affordable form of self-care that relieves headaches and a wide range of ailments, it’s a great way to naturally feel better. Ongoing sessions are the best way to truly tackle the headaches that are disrupting your life. You’ll notice improvement as you move through your treatment plan.

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