Swedish Massage

Why Swedish Massage?

Swedish MassageSwedish Massage Therapy is a well-known and widely practiced type of therapeutic massage. This type of massage focuses on muscle relaxation, superficial muscles (instead of the connective tissue that is targeted in deep-tissue massage), and the increase of blood circulation.

Think of it as “full body therapy” because it is. This type of massage therapy is a combination of many techniques that you can enjoy in a single session.

What happens during Swedish Massage?

The skin is lubricated with lotion or massage oil so a series of strokes can be performed. These strokes warm the muscle tissue, which releases tension and breaks up “knots” in the muscles.

Why is it called Swedish massage?

Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling pioneered physical therapy and Swedish massage. He developed the “Medical Gymnastics” system that defined the movements performed by a therapist. These movements became known as “Swedish movements” in Europe. When the technique made it to the U.S. in 1858, it was known as the “Swedish Movement Cure.” Over time, the name was simplified.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Wondering if a Swedish massage is right for you? Check out some of the benefits that you could experience with this option.

1. Pain Management

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, sciatica, or another type of chronic pain, Swedish massage can be an effective and holistic treatment for managing the pain. Letting the massage therapist know your pain points will help her target those areas using the appropriate stroking motion. This motion reduces muscle tension and improves local circulation.

2. Increased Circulation

Your Swedish massage therapist uses a long, stroking motion called effleurage. This motion goes in the direction of blood flow toward the heart. This opens up blood vessels and increases blood flow. By increasing blood flow, your muscles receive more nutrients and oxygen. Your body also removes toxins more efficiently.

3. Muscle Injury Rehabilitation

Your Swedish massage therapist also uses friction and kneading to address existing injuries. An example of such an injury is adhesion, which is when muscle tissues fuse together. Some clients refer to this type of massage as “working out the kinks” because that’s what it feels like.

4. Stress Reduction

Swedish massage is meant to reduce fatigue and maximize relaxation. The massage table is a very peaceful environment, with a professional spending an adequate amount of time performing the massage. The hands-on attention and the relaxing environment should put you at peace. This lowers cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes harm to the body and it causes weight gain. Lowering your stress level can reduce or eliminate tension headaches, make you feel more energized, and allow you to sleep better.

5. Improved Immunity

While the benefits of Swedish Massage don’t stop here, another great benefit is an improved immune system. This is the result of lowering stress, which reduces cortisol levels. You don’t get sick as much and you are much less likely to miss out on things you enjoy because of illness.

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