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Things About Massage I Don’t Like

As a massage therapist in Fort Worth, I get a lot of massages myself.  I try to get one a month, and what I’d really love is one massage a week.   And, sometimes I do just that. I love that massage makes me feel more relaxed and that my neck is less stiff and […]

The Sad and Scary Side of Massage Therapy

You may have heard the news over the weekend about what has happened at several Massage Envy’s.  I’ve been on the fence about responding about it.  I really couldn’t decide if I should.  This is one of those posts where I have to, unfortunately, get real and talk about the elephant in the massage industry. […]

The Elephant in the Massage Room

I’ve been in this industry a while now.  I love what I do, and I love helping my clients.  There is ONE THING that always ruins my chi and makes me angry though.   I hate it when people joke about “extra services” some establishments offer. So, here we go!  I’m going to get real.  I’m going […]

My Take on Essential Oils

Are you a fan of essential oils, or do you think they’re just new-age snake oil? Either way, you’ll want to read on…   Recently, I read a really interesting article from The Aroma Hut Institute.  It began with a little history of antibiotics and how they work.  It also talked about “Super Bugs” and […]

The Emotions You Go Through When Hiring a Massage Therapist for the 1st Time

Everybody goes through a few common stages when they start thinking about booking their first massage appointment. From freaking out to blissfully relieved, it’s all totally normal, but without knowing what to expect, you might begin to wonder… Are you the only one feeling this way?   Everybody goes through a few common stages when […]

Stuff I Wish I Knew as a Massage Student

I’ve been a solo practitioner in Fort Worth for a few years now.  My massage therapy practice has grown. I have regular monthly clients, and I’m one confident massage therapist. Back in massage school though, I remember being totally freaked out by my first client. (And it was a man so I was even MORE […]

Massage Myths Revealed

Three Massage Truths Revealed There is so much information out there about the massage industry, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake.   With all the confusion, it’s hard to make an informed decision, but that’s ok – I’m going to give you the skinny on a few misconceptions you might have about […]