Your Safety is Important to Me

First, I am fully vaccinated.  I’m happy to show you my vaccination card if asked.


Masks are still required in my office due to the close contact required during a massage.  I want to protect my clients who have significant health challenges as well as my prenatal clients.

I won’t copy or store this information.  I’ll just check off on your intake form that I’ve seen your card.


Other safety features include:

Bio barrier that can be sanitized between clients (this is a plastic cover that is in between the sheet and the table warmer and padding.)

FDA and CDC approved disinfectant and sanitation spray that is used between every client.  If you or I touch it, I clean it.  In fact, I’ve done this the entire time I’ve been a massage therapist.


The most asked question I get is when people can come in mask-free. The easiest answer I can provide is this: when we have achieved true herd immunity in the United States.

I have my own significant health challenges and I honestly do not want this.  I’ve had family friends who have died from Covid.  I have a friend who is in heart failure because of long-haul Covid.

Wearing masks and getting vaccinated is our only way out of this.