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Fort Worth Massage Services for Everyday Heroes

Can you imagine if Hermoine Granger’s migraines kept her from starting Dumbledore’s Army or tennis elbow prevented Luke Skywalker from defeating Darth Vader? The protagonists in our favorite fandoms weren’t vanquished by muscle pain. You shouldn’t be, either! You don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy my massage services (though it will definitely make getting to know each other more fun). I’m happy to bring relief to both wizards and muggles.

Swedish Massage

Photo of person getting a massage in Fort Worth

Looking for the kind of relaxing massage you see in the movies? Swedish Massage manipulates superficial muscles with long, gliding strokes.

60 min – $90
90 min – $120

Cupping Massage

Photo of woman getting a Fort Worth Cupping Massage

Chronic muscle pain doesn’t stand a chance with a custom cupping massage focused on the deepest layers of your tendons, muscle tissue, and fascia. Learn More about Cupping here. 

60 min – $95
90 min – $125

Hemp Seed Oil Massage

Image of hemp seed massage oil with rolled up greed towels

Relieve eczema flare-ups and dry skin with this natural, environmentally-friendly moisturizer. Hemp oil contains no THC, won’t get you high and is completely legal.

This is a $10 Add-on

Prenatal Massage

photo of pregnant person getting a fort worth massage service of prenatal massage

Reduce stress during your pregnancy with a massage designed to alleviate leg cramps, stiff neck, backaches, edema (swelling), and headaches.

60 min – $95
90 min – $120