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5 Ways to Beat Stress While you are Traveling for Business

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You catch the red eye to Chicago twice a month. You live on coffee and the quiet companionship of your smart phone.  You spend more time in airports than you do with friends.  People think you get to explore when you go to exotic places, but you know better – it’s lonely, leaves you exhausted and you come home more stressed out than when you left!

Sound familiar?  Have no fear!  Here are five ways to beat stress while being a business traveler:


  • Exercise  Don’t let your routine slip just because you’re away on business.  Book your stay at a hotel that has a gym.


  • Eat healthy It’s easy to get off track when you’re away from your family and friends.  Your body could revolt if you live off caffeine and carbs all day long.


  • Stay hydrated  Drink plenty of water. This is always good advice, but if you’re already out of your daily routine staying hydrated is even more important.


  • Sleep  It may be tempting to binge watch your favorite shows while at hotels, but experts agree that it’s best to stay off your devices if you’re having trouble getting to sleep.


  • Stretch If you’ve been busy with meetings all day, it’s important to take the time to stretch your neck, shoulders and your lower back.


Do you have any other tips to help business travelers stay chill while away from home?  Join me on Facebook and join the conversation!  Join Me on Facebook!

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