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The Hip Flexors: Why do They Hate Me?

Everything was fine until that day it hurt to get out of bed. Maybe it hurts to climb into your SUV. It could be that it hurts to ride your bike these days. You’re minding your own business, living your life and then BAM!  It’s like your muscles punish you for working IT or designing floor […]

The One Magic Stretch That Will Help Your Low Back Pain

There are many articles out there about stopping low back pain.  And you might be wondering, “What actually works?” I’ve been a massage therapist in Fort Worth for some time now, and I’m going to tell you about the one stretch that my clients all love – it’s so good it’s practically magic.  (If you’ve […]

3 Common Mistakes You Do While Working

Have you ever had a nagging crick in your neck? You know – that annoying pain that keeps you from looking left or right and reminds you that you’re not as fit as you once were? In my line of work as a massage therapist in Fort Worth, I see lots of people with this […]

The Case for Regular Massage

Six months before I decided to stop being a classroom teacher, I had developed hip pain. Nothing seemed to help. Not yoga, not working out. Nothing. A few months before I began my training as a massage therapist, I could barely get in and out of my Highlander.   I wondered what sort of massage […]