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Common Massage Problems You Might Face During Summer

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Summer. People think of summer as wine on the porch, lounging around the pool and having fun! So, what can really go wrong in the summer, right?

 There are a few massage problems people face in the summer that keep them from enjoying their time as much as they should – a crick in the neck or a tweaked back can ruin a good barbecue, and I don’t want that to happen to you, so I’m giving you a list of common problems and quick fixes –

 Problem #1

The Weekend Warrior:

It’s nice in the mornings in Fort Worth so you might spend the first three hours working in your garden.  You’re bending over your strawberries and carefully weeding around your tomatoes.  Then, you might take your kids to the swim park for the next few hours because you’re hot and sweaty and you had already promised them! You think it’s going to be relaxing, but it’s not. It’s hard work carting kids to the pool and carrying around your toddler and catching him as he jumps off the diving board!

The Fix: Take breaks. Stretch. Keep up with your self massage techniques. The strawberries and the kids can wait a few extra minutes – your back can’t!


Problem #2

Getting off your Self Care Routine:

School age kids are at home and you get off your routine.  You rarely go to yoga, the gym becomes an afterthought, and massage gets put on the back burner.  Your normal 3 hour block of time on Wednesdays is gone because the older kids are at home.  Why do you stop taking care of yourself?  Is it guilt? Lack of childcare? Maybe it’s a combination of both.

The Fix: Just because the kids are at home doesn’t mean you have to stop taking care of yourself. If anything, you have a greater reason because being a parent is tough work! There’s a reason why airlines tell parents to put their oxygen masks on before their children. When we get run down and start hurting, it eventually hurts the kids, too. Even if you have a crazy summer schedule to deal with, make sure there’s some time for YOU on the calendar, too.

Problem #3

Butt-numbing Road Trips:

Summer is the time we go crazy and think it’s a great idea to drive to California and drive up the coast. I’ve done it, too. It was beautiful and I have great memories! I also came home with excruciating low back pain from sitting in the car like a mad woman! Too many hours in the driver’s seat can cause serious discomfort.

The Fix: Schedule a massage before your trip and one when you’ve been home a few days. That’ll help remind you to keep up with your stretching routine while on the road.

 I hope these fixes help you enjoy your summer. Keeping up with your self care will keep you eating tacos on the porch all summer long!

Do you know someone in Fort Worth who needs to be reminded to take care of themselves this summer? Please share this post with them.

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