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How to Cool Your Jets and Stop Stressing Out About School Starting

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It’s August and there are lots of changes going on in your house. You’re buying school supplies for your younger children. Perhaps you’re sending your oldest off to college. Or, maybe you’ve gone back to school and you’ll be the one starting classes in the coming weeks.

If you’re like me, you’ve been running around trying to catch things when they go on sale so that you don’t have to take out a small loan for school supplies. You’re probably not even thinking about you or taking care of yourself while you’ve been this massive whirlwind of energy. Well, no worries! I’m going to tell you 5 things you can do at home (in between massage appointments, of course!) so stress doesn’t ruin this season for you!



Science has shown that meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety.  (1)  Meditation can improve your memory (2), and that’s important because you don’t want to forget if you need to purchase the ever important index cards for the first day of school! Aside from that, it’s just good for your health! (3)


Make Art

What? You’re not creative? It doesn’t matter! You can paint, write, play music or dance. All of those things are art, and they have been proven to reduce stress, improve connections in the brain, and help us keep our focus. (4)


Get into Yoga

You don’t need to become an intense yogi who can put your legs behind your ears while holding yourself up with your wrists of steel! A simple restorative flow is all you need. (Are you looking for a local yoga studio, try Karmany Yoga.) Yoga not only helps us stretch our muscles, but other benefits mimic those of meditating. It helps change our brains for the better! (5)


Read a Book

Reading for pleasure can help us relax and stop thinking about our daily grind. In fact, reading was shown to reduce stress faster than taking a walk. It helps us escape into another world for a bit, and we can all use that sometimes.  (6)



Exercise increases endorphins and when that happens it triggers positive feelings. So no matter what kind of exercise you do at home, it’s important that you do it. Ride a bike, walk the dogs, jump rope, or chase the kiddos around the backyard. (7)


Getting ready for school doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. And soon you’ll find yourself with uninterrupted time while the kids are at school. (Ahem, that could be the perfect time for a massage. I’m just saying.) Do you recognize someone who needs to remember to chill out this month? Share this blog post with them!

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