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Think Massage is Just for Special Occasions?

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When I was in my 20s, I got a massage only when my aunt treated me to one, and it was always when my cousin from Florida came to visit. It was a special treat. But in my late 30s, something happened. I was getting older and muscle pain from repetitive motion and daily stress was setting in. So I began to get massages more than just once a year. I was STUNNED at the long term results. What I had considered to be an occasional indulgence helped me majorly – not only did I feel more relaxed, I was also able to move better on a daily basis. The repetitive motion soreness stayed away longer and longer – it was better than a miracle cure!


Still not a believer? Check out some of my clients’ stories –  


When I first met this particular client (I’ll call him Jack), he was having chronic neck and shoulder pain because he (like many people!) spent his days sitting down at work all day in front of a computer.  He was no stranger to massage and used to go all the time, but life happened and he went less frequently.  Then, before Jack knew it, several years had gone by.  


When he came across my website, his neck was so tight he felt like his shoulders were up around his ears. He booked an appointment and came in to see me. Afterward, his neck and upper back felt so much better that he came every two weeks for a few months.  During that time, he decided was up to try cupping therapy.  Now, Jack comes once a month and gets a 90 minute massage each time. Every single time I see Jack, he tells me his back, neck and shoulders feel so much better than when he first started coming in for massage.


Now I’ll tell you about Jill. Jill had chronic neck pain. She suffered from a limited range of motion in her neck – this was most likely due to having 4 years of chronic pain. She booked a 90 minute massage and in that time, I spent a lot of focused work on her back and neck. She was so pleased with her results she immediately booked two appointments for the following week.  After her third appointment, she reported again that her neck didn’t hurt at all and she could turn her head better than she’d been able to in years.


Do you live in Fort Worth and would you like to tell your chronic pain adios like these two clients?  Give me a shout and let’s talk about a massage that will be right for you!

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