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Winter in Fort Worth, Texas: Self Care Tips

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We hear it all the time, Texas weather is bipolar.  It can change from 75 to freezing rain in a matter of hours in the winter. It can be frustrating, but there are some benefits to having such crazy weather!  And that makes your self-care routine dependent on the weather sometimes.


Here are some self-care tips, you can practice while living in Texas in the winter. 


For the milder temperatures, I recommend getting outside.  


Texas is unique.  It can be in the 70s in November. That’s perfect hiking, cycling, or soccer weather! It’s not too cold that your fingers are freezing nor is to too hot that you are sweating buckets.  So, go walk the Trinity, go to the park, just get outside! You’ll thank yourself! 



For super cold weather, self-care means: get your Hygge on!   


What’s that?  The easy definition is it’s the Danish version of being happy.  It’s all the warm fuzzies. It’s unplugging completely, sipping on some hot cocoa and reading.  Maybe it’s getting under a warm blanket and listening to some music and talking to your favorite person.  It’s the small things that matter. 


Break out the Herbal Teas


Everyone has their favorites.  Mine is ginger. Or any tea with ginger.  I can do without the matcha or black teas. I’m more of a herbal tea person.  They keep me warm all day when the weather is colder. 


Finish That Book


I have about 5 books I need to finish.  Some are for business and marketing. But a few are just for pleasure.  I need to finish them! Reading can boost your creativity, enhance your empathy, and can help you transform! Don’t believe me? Then, maybe you will believe in scienceWhat better way to practice self-care? 


Get Creative


Maybe you like to doodle, write poetry, or make glass mosaics.  Maybe you knit or paint with watercolor. Scientific research shows that creative people tend to be happier and take more risks. They don’t let the fear of failure set it.  At least, not for too long.


Get a Massage


While a lot of people only think of getting a massage to help deal with pain, I do have a lot of clients who make massage appointments just to help shut off their brains for a while.  It’s a chance to just BE and let your thoughts subside. 


Ready to book your massage? 


You can do so here. And if you want to feel like a weighted blanket is on you, I recommend the Fire Cupping! ​​​​​​​

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