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Fort Worth Experiences that Make Great Gifts

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So, what do you do when you want to give a gift without giving another item to store or clean? You give an experience gift!

When I was a kid, I loved opening gifts.  As an adult who is in the process of clearing out the physical clutter in my house, I don’t relish getting more stuff during the holidays.  Getting cash can be great, but giving cash sometimes feels too effortless. 


So, what do you do when you want to give a gift without giving another item to store or clean? 


You give an experience gift! 


Here are some unique experiences in the Fort Worth area that would make great gifts. 


Memberships for Nature and Animal Lovers: 

Research shows that being in nature helps us get our daily vitamin D, helps boost our energy, and our immune system.  

The Fort Worth Nature Center is a great place to get away for a hike and a picnic.  You can observe the bison herd, go to special members-only events like their S’Mores by Starlight event.  

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens  

Fort Worth Zoo 


Gifts for Adventure Lovers 

Escape Rooms.  These are so much fun, and there are many to choose from in Fort Worth.  Escape rooms require you to find hidden clues and solve puzzles. Here are a few: 

The Secret Chambers

Red Door Escape Room


Gifts for Music Lovers 

Music Junkies Studios  is a fun studio with amazing music and voice teachers.  


Gifts for crafty people 

Classes from The Art Room 


And for those who’d like to give the gift of massage, you can do that with this link here.

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