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What Kind of Mask Should I wear to a Massage?

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One of the biggest questions people ask is if they have to wear a mask during their massage.

The answer is YES.

But, what kind of mask should you wear? I’m going to list my top three.

A medical mask is a great one to use during your massage. A lot of people find it’s easier to breathe while wearing one. So, if you would rather wear a medical mask instead of the cloth one you wore to get inside the building, that’s fine! I have some that I can give out.

Cloth masks are a great alternative. Just make sure you’re able to keep it tightly around your nose.

Finally, some clients choose to wear KN95 masks. Those probably offer the best protection while receiving a massage. When I get a massage myself, I wear a KN95 mask.

When I GIVE a massage, I wear a KN95 with a medical mask over it.

When we protect each other, it’s a win/win right?

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