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How to Bring Self Care to Work

A friend once quipped that she was glad the term self-care was trending because it allowed her to be selfish a few times a week. I don’t view it as being selfish though. Is it really selfish to spend 30 minutes a day reading a book? Nope!   However, it’s tricky bringing elements of self-care into […]

5 Ways to Beat Stress While you are Traveling for Business

You catch the red eye to Chicago twice a month. You live on coffee and the quiet companionship of your smart phone.  You spend more time in airports than you do with friends.  People think you get to explore when you go to exotic places, but you know better – it’s lonely, leaves you exhausted […]

Text Neck is a Thing!

Text Neck is the repetitive motion of looking at one’s phone, tablet, or other handheld devices for a vast majority of the day. Do you know who most likely would have suffered from Text Neck?  Captain Picard. He was always on some sort of handheld device it seemed!  You’d think for such an advanced time, OSHA […]

3 Ways Being a Starfleet Commander Can Cause Work Injury

We all like to think being a commander at Starfleet is a glamorous job.  There’s travel, meeting new life forms, commanding people, and setting phasers to stun.  In all reality, your day as a Starfleet Commander would be spent doing the following:  sitting while telling people what to do, sitting while reading and writing reports, […]