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The One Magic Stretch That Will Help Your Low Back Pain

There are many articles out there about stopping low back pain.  And you might be wondering, “What actually works?” I’ve been a massage therapist in Fort Worth for some time now, and I’m going to tell you about the one stretch that my clients all love – it’s so good it’s practically magic.  (If you’ve […]

10 Ways to Relieve Low Back Pain in between Massages

So, you helped a friend move a heavy couch over the weekend and hurt your back. OUCH! You already get regular massages, but your next appointment isn’t for three more weeks.  What are you supposed to do?   Have no fear!  I’m going to give you ten things you can do at home to help […]

5 Solutions to Help Deal with Chronic Pain

We all want to get up and get started with our day without wincing when we take that first step.  Yet, so many times we live with pain when we don’t have to. As a massage therapist in Fort Worth, I work with people who tend to have common problems. Here are some easy solutions […]

3 Common Mistakes You Do While Working

Have you ever had a nagging crick in your neck? You know – that annoying pain that keeps you from looking left or right and reminds you that you’re not as fit as you once were? In my line of work as a massage therapist in Fort Worth, I see lots of people with this […]

Text Neck is a Thing!

Text Neck is the repetitive motion of looking at one’s phone, tablet, or other handheld devices for a vast majority of the day. Do you know who most likely would have suffered from Text Neck?  Captain Picard. He was always on some sort of handheld device it seemed!  You’d think for such an advanced time, OSHA […]

The Case for Regular Massage

Six months before I decided to stop being a classroom teacher, I had developed hip pain. Nothing seemed to help. Not yoga, not working out. Nothing. A few months before I began my training as a massage therapist, I could barely get in and out of my Highlander.   I wondered what sort of massage […]

Common Anxieties Men Have Before Their First Massage Appointment

Massage can be scary if you’ve never had a massage. This is true for anyone.  However, this post is for the guys and the fears they have that prevent them from booking an appointment with a massage therapist.  I want to put your fears to rest and answer a few questions.   I’m kinda hairy […]

Deep Tissue Massage Doesn’t Have to Hurt

One of the reasons why I don’t dig my elbows into a client’s backside during massage is because I despise it when it’s done to me. Yet, in the past, I never said anything to the massage therapists who did make that part of their practice.   And guess what? That’s happened to me several […]